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Osteopathy for babies

When we think about osteopathy, most people assume it’s just for adults, when in fact osteopathy for babies can be hugely beneficial too. Why? Well, birth can be a rather stressful experience for babies; as they navigate their way down the birth canal, they can become twisted or stuck and/or require some form of assisted delivery. All of this can result in tension in a baby’s head, neck and body.

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Often these signs are subtle and can display in behaviours such as:

  • fussiness

  • frequent crying

  • colic or digestion issues

  • latching or feeding issues

  • trouble sleeping

  • reluctance to lie on their backs

It’s important to get these symptoms checked out with your doctor, midwife or health visitor in case of any underlying issues, but if this has been ruled out and baby is fit and healthy then you may be left feeling like you simply have a ‘fussy’ or ‘difficult’ baby. Often this is not the case, and in fact baby is trying to communicate that they are uncomfortable.

Osteopathy for babies: Patient Education

Experienced baby osteopath – and a mum of two!

The thought of taking your baby to see an osteopath can be daunting. I completely understand and empathise with this. But osteopathy for babies is an extremely gentle, relaxing and soothing treatment, which looks at softly alleviating tension in a baby’s head, neck and body – the benefits of baby osteopathy can truly be amazing. It’s so relaxing that many babies even sleep through their treatment!

I'm a qualified and experienced osteopath based in Ilkley who is extremely passionate about helping babies in discomfort. I'm also a mum myself so I have first-hand experience on how osteopathy for babies can often provide amazing long-term benefits. I can also relate to the feelings of apprehension and nervousness you may be feeling about baby osteopathy, but I'm always here to answer any questions you have and to guide you through the process – from one parent to another. 

In addition, I'm an Accredited Infant Feeding Coach, which means that I have the knowledge and experience to support and guide parents through any feeding issues they may have. Please visit my infant feeding support page for further information.

Osteopathy for babies: Patient Education
Felicity talking to a mum and newborn
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What happens at baby osteopath appointments?

At the beginning of your first consultation, I'll have a conversation with you regarding your pregnancy, birth, delivery and anything else baby-related that may help me with baby’s treatment. I’ll then examine your baby to identify any problem areas and then begin treatment. Follow-up consultations will begin with a discussion on any noticed improvements before continuing with treatment. You may wish to bring along your baby’s favourite toy or perhaps play their favourite song or programme during the treatment to help make it an enjoyable experience.

Here are a couple of example videos of baby osteopathy from Kindred Academy to give you an idea of the treatment involved:

Osteopathy for babies: Patient Education
Osteopathy for babies: Video
Osteopathy for babies: Video

Treatment is usually done at my clinic in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, which has free parking available on site. However, if you’d prefer a home environment, you can book an appointment at my home-based clinic in Scotton. In addition, I completely understand that getting out of the house with a baby can be a challenge in itself, so I do also offer home visits at an additional charge. You can find out more via the osteopathy prices page.  

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or concerns; you can also book your initial consultation via the button below.

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