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Testimonials: Testimonials

Felicity has treated a few different issues/injuries for me now and I've been hugely impressed by her knowledge, ability, thoroughness and competence with a range of techniques. She has identified the issues and treated their causes really effectively, resulting in immediate pain relief and mobility improvements. I'm a PT, so I need to be able to use my body properly for my work - having a reliable and effective therapist nearby is essential, and I've recommended Felicity to a number of clients when I've felt that her treatments may be beneficial to them too.

My 78 year old mother has also been seeing Felicity for lower back pain after years of suffering that has been treated just with anti-inflammatories. She has really benefited from her sessions, and with Felicity's help has been able to get further diagnostics done through her GP, which she had been struggling to get referred for previously.

Kim Ferris, Personal trainer

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