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Back pain specialist in Ilkley

Flow Osteopathy back pain treatment
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Back pain is one of the most common conditions that I treat in my osteopathic clinics. In fact, research suggests that 60% of us will suffer from lower back pain at some point during our lives. That’s not a pleasant statistic, but it emphasises just how widespread this condition can be and why so many patients come to my clinics in the hope of resolving their back pain for the long term.

My main osteopathic clinic is based in Ilkley town centre and I also have a home-based clinic in the village of Scotton, just outside Knaresborough and within easy reach of Harrogate. Home visits are also available. Please visit my pricing page for more information about these services.

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How can osteopathy help with upper and lower back pain relief?

Most people at some stage in their life, regardless of age and fitness level, will experience some form of back pain.

Many cases of acute upper and lower back pain are the result of poor function or movement. This means with the right treatment, such as osteopathy and a few lifestyle changes, you can find relief from many muscular or soft tissue conditions in a matter of weeks. In fact, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends considering manual therapy (such as osteopathy) for the management of lower back pain and sciatica, together with exercise.

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What are the common symptoms associated with back pain that you should see an osteopath for?

Back pain tends to present in one or two forms:

Acute back pain – tends to come on suddenly and is commonly experienced with muscular strain or injury. It’s likely to last a few days or weeks.
Chronic back pain – often experienced with degenerative conditions involving the discs, bones or joints and may go on for months.

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Common back pain conditions I treat in my Ilkley clinic

Patients who visit the clinic differ considerably in age, lifestyle and fitness level. Many visit the clinic seeking treatment for back pain in its various forms. Lower back pain, also known as lumbago, is usually a sign of strained muscles or ligaments and responds well to osteopathy. Many clients spend a great deal of time sitting at their desks or in their cars and poor posture over a long period of time will lead to back pain.

I provide relief to patients suffering with pelvic/sacroiliac strain or sciatica nerve pain or tightness in the piriformis muscle, which may affect the adjacent sciatic nerve. Osteopathy is also helpful to patients who experience pain or discomfort associated with non-surgical scoliosis, also known as curvature of the spine. Kyphosis is another condition treated at the clinic. This condition can be brought on by osteoporosis or degenerative conditions such as spinal arthritis or disc damage and vertebral fracture. For many clients with chronic conditions, osteopathy forms part of their spinal health maintenance in conjunction with complementary lifestyle factors.

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My approach to treating and relieving your back pain?

As with all conditions, I take a very personalised approach to treatment. My first task is to conduct a physical assessment to determine exactly what is causing your back pain. Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on treatment for back pain. Osteopathy uses a variety of techniques to alleviate muscle and tendon tension. I will match the pressure of massage and muscle manipulation to your pain tolerance.

My aim is to get you and your back on the road to recovery, enjoying the activities you love doing without discomfort. Together we’ll look at your lifestyle factors and identify the potential activities or triggers for your back pain and work out a comprehensive recovery plan, including appropriate exercises you can do at home in between osteopathy appointments.

I'm a qualified osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic Council and I'm extremely passionate about providing the highest standard of person-centred, individualised care. Please visit the about me page to learn more. Appointments can be booked at my Ilkley clinic or home-based clinic in Scotton near Knaresborough at a time and date to suit you via the button below. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a home visit instead (please note there will be an additional cost).

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Further resources

If you’d like further information regarding back pain, its causes and treatment, both the Healthline and WebMD provide a wealth of valuable information. You can also learn more about osteopathy as a treatment for back pain via the Bupa website.  

Please note: Some types of back pain require urgent medical attention. Please visit the NHS website for more information and guidance. 

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