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Osteopath prices

Seeking an osteopath’s help can sometimes feel a little daunting because you may be worried about how much any treatments will cost overall. This is why I publish my price list and during your initial consultation I’ll advise you on how many appointments I estimate you’ll need, so you’ll have no hidden surprises.

Treatments are very much centred on you, your needs and preferences and your recovery, so I’ll work together with you to design an effective treatment schedule around your timescale and budget – because I firmly believe that finances should never get in the way of your health.

You can find my price list for both initial consultations and follow-up appointments below. As a registered osteopath, many insurance companies also accept my invoices for claims. 

Prices: Text

Price list

Initial consultation

(60 minutes)


Follow-up appointment

(30 minutes)


Please note: I do ask that clients give as much notice as possible when either cancelling or rescheduling their appointments. However, if this is done at short notice (within 24 hours of your appointment), the appointment price will be charged.

Prices: Price List

What to expect at your osteopath appointment

Osteopathy looks at the treatment and prevention of many musculoskeletal (or related) ailments. As a qualified osteopath with many years of multi-disciplinary practice experience, I believe in the importance of partnership and truly take the time to understand your individual needs so that you’ll get the very best out of your treatment. 

Treatments usually involve an examination of any problem areas, such as joints, ligaments or tissues, and then either manipulation or massage of these problem areas in order to help relieve discomfort. To help boost recovery for the long-term, I’ll usually provide you with some follow-on exercises to complete at home too.  

Initial consultation

Around 60 minutes

A typical consultation usually involves:

  • A discussion to understand the pain you’re suffering with, your physical and mental health, your medical history and your aims, so that we can not only get to the root cause but also put an effective treatment plan in place

  • An observation and examination of your mobility and posture – this is beneficial as problems can often arise from an issue elsewhere in the body

  • Initial treatment involving manipulation or massage of the identified problem areas 

  • Follow-on exercises or advice given

Follow-up appointments
Around 30 minutes
Typical follow-up appointments usually involve:

  • An examination of progress so far, including a discussion on how you’ve felt between sessions and how you’ve been progressing with any exercises

  • A continuation of manipulation or massage of affected areas 

  • Follow-on exercises or advice given

If you’d like to find out more or you have any questions about osteopathy appointments, please do get in touch or you can take a look at the frequently asked questions page (coming soon). Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment below.

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